Friday, 3 February 2012

Little Pinches

Pinch #1 and #2
By Anne Emberline,,
Don't be fooled by the extreme cuteness of these very-mini zines. The covers may be full of whimsy and there are illustrations within, but the stories range from escaping an abusive relationship, office sex, drug addicts and Alzheimer's disease. The tales are quick little flash fiction pieces, but Emberline doesn't skimp on the emotional content that comes across in just a few short paragraphs. 

Yard Sale #8 and #9
By Harley R. Pageot,,
785 Wolfberry Crt. / Oshawa, ON / L1K 2J2 / Canada
While issue #8 is a perzine including New Year's Resolutions (for January 2011…I got really behind in my zine reviews, obvisouly) and Christmas 2010, issue #9 is all fiction pieces by Harley. I like how at the end of the zine Harley explained why/how he came about writing the pieces, several of which were for his university creative writing course. There's a combination of poems and short stories. I enjoyed the selection of song titles for music yet to be created. One of my favourites, The Winter Moon, is from a raw writing exercise where you just let the writing flow non-stop for five minutes.

"Snowy hilltops, snowy fields, and you trudge along, directionless. We never learned how to love. They don't teach you that in school. So we add and subtract and we label adjectives and verbs in the hope that this might help us understand."